The Puppet Company

  • Baby Birds Puppet Blue & Gold Macaw

    Baby Birds Puppet Blue & Gold Macaw

    Baby birds are scaled down versions of some of the most popular birds. Great mouth movement, with an air-filled squawker in the beak! Suitable for a child and small adult sized hands...

  • Baby Birds Puppet Crow

    Baby Birds Puppet Crow

    This Baby Crow puppet will make playtime fun with a big funny yellow beak and fuzzy black body! Good mouth movement, with squeaker. Will fit childrens and small adult hands. 12 inches tall  

  • Baby Monsters Puppet

    Baby Monsters Puppet

    The adorable Baby Monster puppet is a delightful creation that embodies playfulness and fun. With its wide expressive eyes, shaped ears and endearing grin, this lovable monster helps spark...

  • CarPets Glove Puppets

    CarPets Glove Puppets

    The CarPets collection gets their name as the puppet ‘pet’ that loves to live in your car to make those long journeys pass a little quicker! Exceptional attention to detail with the...

  • Knitted Puppets

    Knitted Puppets

    Larger than life characters, full of mischief with friendly faces and big mouths. A fabulous, fun, knitted Sockette puppet with a squeaker in their tongue is sure to get the conversation started!