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  • Ultra Stretchy Snake

    Ultra Stretchy Snake

    These snakes are super stretchy, stretching almost up to 6 feet! 12 inches long before being stretched. Assorted styles and colors.

  • Tiny Tin Tops

    Tiny Tin Tops

    These teeny tiny tin tops boast a classic retro look! Made of tin. Measures 2.25″ in diameter. Assorted colors and styles. Recommended for Ages 4+

  • Tin Ball Maze

    Tin Ball Maze

    Are you up to the challenge? These Tin Ball Mazes are as fun as they look, but not as easy as they seem! A colorful tin base lies under metal ball bearings that creates a sturdy feel for at-home or portable play. Each base has a captivating printed...

  • Super Spring SuperSpring

    Super Spring

    There are countless ways to have fun with this metal spring. 2.25 inches in diameter.  

  • Nee Doh Marbleez

    Nee Doh Marbleez

    Experience the Mellow Marble Squeeze! Boasting incredible marble-like patterns and a transparent inner, these mimic the look of real marbles. They are soft, squishy, and filled with liquid for a unique tactile sensation.NeeDoh is known for its...

  • Little Tin Tops

    Little Tin Tops

    Just pump the handle to watch the top spin and listen to them hum! These colorful tin tops are fun for everyone! 6 inches x 6 inches. Assorted colors. Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Press and Go Ice Cream Car Press and Go Ice Cream Car

    Press and Go Ice Cream Car

    Super cute ice cream cart with press-and-go action for endless fun and imaginative play!   CHOKING HAZARD Ice cream cones can be pulled off.   Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Glowing Egg Glowing Egg

    Glowing Egg

    Flip the switch to see the color change and glow. Battery operated. 3 inches tall. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Colored Pencil Jar

    Colored Pencil Jar

    Includes 12 pre-sharpened mini colored pencils with pencil sharpener built into lid. Made of wood. 3.5 inches. Recommended for Ages 6+

  • Chalk Pencil

    Chalk Pencil

    Giant chalk in a GIANT pencil shaped holder! 1 chalk pencil with 3 colored chalks included.

  • Stretcheez-O Jellyfish Series Stretcheez-O Jellyfish Series

    Stretcheez-O Jellyfish Series

    These colorful stretchy jelly fish are adorable and fun! Squish 'em, stretch 'em, toss 'em, squash 'em! Made of TPR and sand. 3 inches tall. Assorted colors; choose pink or yellow.

  • Magic Loops Magic Loops

    Magic Loops

    Discover all kinds of geometric variations with this metal magic loop toy! Colorful beads and shiny metal wires make each transformation a work of art!   Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Colossal Growing Dinosaur

    Colossal Growing Dinosaur

    Grow a dinosaur from around 6.5 inches to over 20 inches! Immerse in water and watch it grow over a 5 day period. When you let the dinosaur dry it will shrink and be ready to grow again.

  • Wind Up Mice

    Wind Up Mice

    No need to break out the mice traps with these friendly critters running around! These mice are ready to play with their bright colors and cute little whiskers! Wind the turner and watch as they playfully run around, wiggling their tails. Colors vary.

  • Nee Doh Panic Pete Nee Doh Panic Pete

    Nee Doh Panic Pete

    Feeling a little anxious? No problem, introducing NeeDoh Panic Pete – the zany friend that keeps you groovy and panic free! Give him a squeeze to watch this air-filled guy’s eyes, nose, and ears pop in the wildest way. Available in 4...

  • Nee Doh Dig It Pig Nee Doh Dig It Pig

    Nee Doh Dig It Pig

    NeeDoh Dig ‘it Pig is the new far-out farm friend that packs a ton of NeeDoh squish. Filled with the groovy essence of NeeDoh, Dig’ It Pig has that loveable feel with the satisfying squish. Each Dig ‘it Pig NeeDoh is filled with a...

  • Incredible Noodle Incredible Noodle

    Incredible Noodle

    Stretch away stress with these incredible noodles. Each polybag includes one rubber noodle. Assorted colors. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • I Dig It! Rocks I Dig It! Rocks I Dig It! Rocks

    I Dig It! Rocks

    Learn how geologists dig up minerals and gemstones and where can you find them in nature. Dig five different minerals out of the plaster block. Learn about the mineral specimens in the manual, including their names and properties, where they came from,...

  • Geo Morph Twist Fidget Geo Morph Twist Fidget

    Geo Morph Twist Fidget

    Colorful tubes strung on elastic tubes to create an engaging fidget toy. Stretch, shape, twist and fidget. Made of plastic and stretchy cord. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Emoji Balls

    Emoji Balls

    High bounce balls printed with an emoji design. Made of rubber. 1.38 inch diam. Assorted styles.

  • Dino Chomp & Go Skulls

    Dino Chomp & Go Skulls

    Dino Chomp & Go Dino Skulls are the prehistoric pull-back racers. Just pull it back, let it go, and watch your dino skull chomp along! Available in 2 bite-size styles including T-rex and Triceratops. 2.5 × 1.75...

  • Coral Reef Fish Squirter

    Coral Reef Fish Squirter

    Explore the Coral Reef in your own bathtub with these popular fish squirt toys! Enjoy a good old fashioned water fight, whether in the pool or the backyard, with these fun water toys. The perfect party favor for your next luau, kids and adults alike...

  • Colossal Growing Frog

    Colossal Growing Frog

    Immerse frog in water to watch it grow! In 3-7 days the frog will grow up to 3 times it's starting size from 3 inches to 8 inches. Assorted styles and colors. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • 10 Color Pen

    10 Color Pen

    Create a rainbow with one pen! Ten different ink colors in these translucent shuttle pen. Assorted colors. Recommended for Ages 5+

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