• ThinkBox 3D Space Light ThinkBox 3D Space Light ThinkBox 3D Space Light

    ThinkBox 3D Space Light

    Engineer Your Own 3D Space Light with Thinkbox and spend your evenings studying the stars from the comfort of home! Get hands-on and explore the exciting world of electrical engineering and circuitry as you conduct 10 different experiments, then put your...

  • Tetris Stax Tetris Stax

    Tetris Stax

    Level up your Tetris skills with this super-spatial 3D brainteaser! Select a challenge card and then arrange all of the pieces so that they perfectly fit the grid. 48 puzzles in 4 difficulty levels. Recommended for Ages 10+

  • Stunt Flyer Hornet Storm Jet Stunt Flyer Hornet Storm Jet

    Stunt Flyer Hornet Storm Jet

    Made from soft, lightweight, aerodynamic foam, these stunt flyers resemble airshow jets and fly up to 40 feet! Two assorted styles, choose yellow or orange. Recommended for Ages 4+

  • Stretcheez-O Jellyfish Series Stretcheez-O Jellyfish Series

    Stretcheez-O Jellyfish Series

    These colorful stretchy jelly fish are adorable and fun! Squish 'em, stretch 'em, toss 'em, squash 'em! Made of TPR and sand. 3 inches tall. Assorted colors; choose pink or yellow.

  • Stunt Flyer Sky Glider Stunt Flyer Sky Glider

    Stunt Flyer Sky Glider

    With a 19 inch wingspan, these gliders perform crazy stunts like 360 degree turns, corkscrews and loops. Glides up to 100 feet. Made of foam and plastic. Available in red or blue. Recommended for Ages 6+

  • Magic Loops Magic Loops

    Magic Loops

    Discover all kinds of geometric variations with this metal magic loop toy! Colorful beads and shiny metal wires make each transformation a work of art!   Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Daredevil Glider

    Daredevil Glider

    Soft foam glider that really soars. Minor assembly required. Made of lightweight foam 7 inches long. Assorted colors and styles.

  • CarPets Glove Puppets

    CarPets Glove Puppets

    The CarPets collection gets their name as the puppet ‘pet’ that loves to live in your car to make those long journeys pass a little quicker! Exceptional attention to detail with the highest quality materials and finishing. Designed for...

  • Baby Monsters Puppet

    Baby Monsters Puppet

    The adorable Baby Monster puppet is a delightful creation that embodies playfulness and fun. With its wide expressive eyes, shaped ears and endearing grin, this lovable monster helps spark imagination. Features an air-filled squeaker in the mouth for...

  • PowerUp Paper Airplane Templates

    PowerUp Paper Airplane Templates

    GET FLYING! These 12 Paper Airplane templates includes 6 different paper airplane designs and high quality video instructions. Designed for use with the PowerUp 2.0 or 4.0 (not included). Included in this kit are 2 waterproof custom-made DuPont Tyvek...

  • Fun Bead Charm Fun Bead Charm

    Fun Bead Charm

    Fun Bead Charms are perfect for little fingers to practice dexterity and hand-eye coordination while enjoying DIY craft. Your gorgeous kit includes a full set of materials to create a special charm, including colorful glitter beads, novelty UV,...

  • Tiny Sports Tiny Sports

    Tiny Sports

    Triumphantly teeny sports equipment!  This hard-hitting kit contains miniature versions of seven popular sports that you can play alone or with friends. Sports include miniature tabletop basketball, American football, cornhole, ice hockey,...

  • Tiny Food Truck Tiny Food Truck

    Tiny Food Truck

    Introducing Tiny Food Truck!  Explore the delicious world of food trucks with 20 teeny, tasty, international recipes, fun facts, and small-scale kitchen tools!  Budding chefs can use real kitchen tools to whip up itty-bitty tacos, churros,...

  • Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab

    Rainbow Tie-Dye Lab

    Science meets fashion in this make-your-own tie-dye science lab. Tie-dye two fabric scrunchies and two pairs of socks using non-toxic red, blue, and yellow dyes. Mix them up to create all the colors of the rainbow — red, orange, yellow, green,...



    PAIRZI is all about speed. Find the most matching pairs of Critter Cards to win! Here’s the twist, before you can look for Critter Cards you must roll a pair with your dice.  So if you roll two 3’s for example, you get to find 3 pairs of...

  • Orbiting Solar System Orbiting Solar System Orbiting Solar System

    Orbiting Solar System

    Set the planets in motion with a flick of your wrist! Build a mechanical model of the solar system including the sun and eight planets (also known as an orrery), wind it up, and watch the planets revolve around the sun. Assemble this complex machine...

  • Nee Doh Panic Pete Nee Doh Panic Pete

    Nee Doh Panic Pete

    Feeling a little anxious? No problem, introducing NeeDoh Panic Pete – the zany friend that keeps you groovy and panic free! Give him a squeeze to watch this air-filled guy’s eyes, nose, and ears pop in the wildest way. Available in 4...

  • Nee Doh Dig It Pig Nee Doh Dig It Pig

    Nee Doh Dig It Pig

    NeeDoh Dig ‘it Pig is the new far-out farm friend that packs a ton of NeeDoh squish. Filled with the groovy essence of NeeDoh, Dig’ It Pig has that loveable feel with the satisfying squish. Each Dig ‘it Pig NeeDoh is filled with a...

  • Motion Tumbler Motion Tumbler

    Motion Tumbler

    Be captivated by these timers as the liquid forms droplets of colored blobs that glide gracefully to the bottom. Assorted colors.   Recommended for Ages 5+  

  • Le Cirque Le Cirque

    Le Cirque

    Step right up to this big top stacking challenge! Lions, acrobats, and elephants are all part of a multicolored menagerie - each ingeniously shaped to nestle and stack. Reveal cards to determine the order, then carefully balance the wooden figures to...

  • Incredible Noodle Incredible Noodle

    Incredible Noodle

    Stretch away stress with these incredible noodles. Each polybag includes one rubber noodle. Assorted colors. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Ginormous Pencil Ginormous Pencil

    Ginormous Pencil

    This incredibly large pencil is still functional! Write down your big ideas with this 15 inch long pencil made of FSC certified wood. Colors vary. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Escape Room Escape Room Escape Room Escape Room Escape Room

    Escape Room

    Can You Escape the Museum? Can You Escape the Theme Park? Can You Escape the Video Game? Create your very own escape room experience at home! Put together objects from the press-out die-cut card sheets contained in the envelope, then work out how to use...

  • Emoji Balls

    Emoji Balls

    High bounce balls printed with an emoji design. Made of rubber. 1.38 inch diam. Assorted styles.

  • Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball

    Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball

    Great for the beginner solver! Challenge your solving skills while having loads of fun! The Color Shift Puzzle Ball can be solved by matching all of the colored balls with their corresponding colored rings. There are 12 with only 11 filled with a colored...

  • Dinosaur Pop Tubes

    Dinosaur Pop Tubes

    Stretch out these cute, colorful dinos and hear them pop! This toy combines auditory, visual, and tactile stimulation for the serious fidgiter! Made of plastic. 5.25 inch length stetches to 7.5 inches. Assorted colors and styles.   Recommended...

  • Dino Chomp & Go Skulls

    Dino Chomp & Go Skulls

    Dino Chomp & Go Dino Skulls are the prehistoric pull-back racers. Just pull it back, let it go, and watch your dino skull chomp along! Available in 2 bite-size styles including T-rex and Triceratops. 2.5 × 1.75...

  • Coral Reef Fish Squirter

    Coral Reef Fish Squirter

    Explore the Coral Reef in your own bathtub with these popular fish squirt toys! Enjoy a good old fashioned water fight, whether in the pool or the backyard, with these fun water toys. The perfect party favor for your next luau, kids and adults alike...

  • Colossal Growing Frog

    Colossal Growing Frog

    Immerse frog in water to watch it grow! In 3-7 days the frog will grow up to 3 times it's starting size from 3 inches to 8 inches. Assorted styles and colors. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Chonky Cheeks Hamster Chonky Cheeks Hamster

    Chonky Cheeks Hamster

    Chonky Cheeks Hamsters are full of that munchy, crunchy cuteness of a real hamster! Just give them a squeeze and watch their cheeks get stuffed! Comes in 3 cute squishy styles, each filled with doh. These little guys are always hungry, and oh so...