US Toy

  • 10 Color Pen

    10 Color Pen

    Create a rainbow with one pen! Ten different ink colors in these translucent shuttle pen. Assorted colors. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Back in Time With the Dinosaurs Back in Time With the Dinosaurs

    Back in Time With the Dinosaurs

    Hop on board The Magic School Bus and travel Back in Time with the Dinosaurs. Whether you’re making a timeline, designing a diorama, or creating 3D dinosaurs, this hands-on STEM kit makes...

  • CAT  Workin' Pals

    CAT Workin' Pals

    These happy CAT Workin' Pals are designed to develop your child's fine motor skills. Choose from the excavator, dump truck, or front loader for hours of imaginative play.   Recommended...

  • Chalk Pencil

    Chalk Pencil

    Giant chalk in a GIANT pencil shaped holder! 1 chalk pencil with 3 colored chalks included.

  • Chalkie Fun Chalk Writer

    Chalkie Fun Chalk Writer

    Create a chalk masterpiece with these 4 different colors of chalk writers. Chalk shaped like a marker. 5.25 inches long. 1 package with 4 pieces of chalk.

  • Chevy Stepside Pickup

    Chevy Stepside Pickup

    Classic American trucks are ready to race with their painted flames. Pull back action and doors open. Made of metal and plastic. Assorted colors.  

  • Classic Steam Engine 6 inch

    Classic Steam Engine 6 inch

    Classic die cast steam engine. Pull back action. Made of metal and plastic. Item 7" L. x 7" W. x 3" T. Assorted colors.   Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Colored Pencil Jar

    Colored Pencil Jar

    Includes 12 pre-sharpened mini colored pencils with pencil sharpener built into lid. Made of wood. 3.5 inches. Recommended for Ages 6+

  • Colorful Centipede

    Colorful Centipede

    Stretchy, squishy centipedes in bright colors. Stretches over 32 inches. Made of tpr rubber. Assorted colors.

  • Colossal Growing Dinosaur

    Colossal Growing Dinosaur

    Grow a dinosaur from around 6.5 inches to over 20 inches! Immerse in water and watch it grow over a 5 day period. When you let the dinosaur dry it will shrink and be ready to grow again.

  • Colossal Growing Frog

    Colossal Growing Frog

    Immerse frog in water to watch it grow! In 3-7 days the frog will grow up to 3 times it's starting size from 3 inches to 8 inches. Assorted styles and colors. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Coral Reef Fish Squirter

    Coral Reef Fish Squirter

    Explore the Coral Reef in your own bathtub with these popular fish squirt toys! Enjoy a good old fashioned water fight, whether in the pool or the backyard, with these fun water toys. The...

  • Corkscrew Glitter Wand

    Corkscrew Glitter Wand

    Constructed of tough, clear plastic, the glitter wand is filled with swirling color and bright specks of glitter that dance and swirl with every move. 6 inches long. Colors vary. Recommended for Ages...

  • Daredevil Glider

    Daredevil Glider

    Soft foam glider that really soars. Minor assembly required. Made of lightweight foam 7 inches long. Assorted colors and styles.

  • Dinosaur Exploration Sensory Bin Dinosaur Exploration Sensory Bin Dinosaur Exploration Sensory Bin

    Dinosaur Exploration Sensory Bin

    Open up a world of tactile fun with the Dinosaur Exploration Sensory Bin! From 1 pound of moldable, stretchable, expandable play sand to natural pebbles, dinosaur figurines, and even a foam...

  • Dinosaur Toys

    Dinosaur Toys

    Plastic dinosaur toys in an assortment of styles for a ferociously fun time. Made of PVC. Item sizes range form 3 inches to 5 inches long.

  • Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball

    Duncan Color Shift Puzzle Ball

    Great for the beginner solver! Challenge your solving skills while having loads of fun! The Color Shift Puzzle Ball can be solved by matching all of the colored balls with their corresponding colored...

  • Duncan Quick Cube 3x3

    Duncan Quick Cube 3x3

    Solve the puzzle extra quick with easy turning action and corner cutting design. Individual cubes are curved to show correct placement. 2.25 inch square.