• Nee Doh Snow Ball Crunch Nee Doh Snow Ball Crunch

    Nee Doh Snow Ball Crunch

    Squeeze away the stresses of the day with Nee Doh Snow Ball Crunch stress ball for kids. Features a white and blue speckled squidgy appearance - just like snow. Snow Ball Crunch is a great fidget toy, particularly appropriate for those with ADD, ADHD,...

  • Nee Doh Ramen Noodlies Nee Doh Ramen Noodlies Nee Doh Ramen Noodlies

    Nee Doh Ramen Noodlies

    Ramen Noodlies are almost as irresistable as the real thing! You can squeeze, stretch, or mash these crimped textured noodles. Ramen Noodlies are brightly colored in 5 fluorescent tones and offer a unique sensory play experience that creates loads of...

  • Nee Doh Rainboh Teenie Nee Doh Rainboh Teenie

    Nee Doh Rainboh Teenie

    Squish them, pull them, smush them, then watch them return to its original shape. Enjoy a Nee Doh Rainboh of six squishy, teenie, groovy globs in a rainbow of colors. Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Nee Doh Happy Snappy Ball Nee Doh Happy Snappy Ball

    Nee Doh Happy Snappy Ball

    The Nee Doh Happy Snappy stress ball makes a satisfying popping noise as you squeeze it. Comes in assorted colors.   Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Nee Doh Groovy Schroom Nee Doh Groovy Schroom

    Nee Doh Groovy Schroom

    Don't have mushroom in your fidget collection? Perhaps you could squeeze just one more in? The famous Nee Doh, now mushroom shaped. Available in 3 different colors. Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Nee Doh Dohnut Nee Doh Dohnut Nee Doh Dohnut

    Nee Doh Dohnut

    NeeDoh Dohnuts are super sweet stress balls that almost looks good enough to eat (please note they are not edible). Filled with a non-toxic dough material, squeeze stresses away. With swappable frosting, customise your Dohnut to make fun combinations...

  • Nee Doh Dohjees 3 Pack Nee Doh Dohjees 3 Pack

    Nee Doh Dohjees 3 Pack

    Meet the new groovy glob crew! NeeDoh Dohjees are a lineup of little creatures that come with an irresistible squish. There is a whole world of Dohjees to explore with 24 to collect! Each Dohjee comes with a Teenie NeeDoh inside, just waiting to be...

  • Rainbow Playground Ball

    Rainbow Playground Ball

    Enjoy a game of kickball with this brightly colored, rainbow playground ball. A must-have for some backyard fun, kids will love this bouncy, lightweight outdoor toy! Made of PVC

    $2.99 - $8.99
  • Stretchy Dino Hand Puppet

    Stretchy Dino Hand Puppet

    Make your next puppet show "roar" to life with this Tyrannosaurus Rex hand puppet. Made of stretchy material, it makes for an easy fit and has realistic details the kids will love.

  • Sidewalk Chalk 3 pcs.

    Sidewalk Chalk 3 pcs.

    Draw a masterpiece on a sidewalk or driveway with this sidewalk chalk. The sidewalk chalk contains 3 pieces of colored chalk.

  • Poppers


    Invert these poppers, set them on a hard surface and wait for them to pop up high in the air! These transparent glitter poppers are loaded with fun! 1.5 inches. Assorted colors.

  • Egg Laying Chicken

    Egg Laying Chicken

    Squeeze these chickens to make them lay an egg. Egg is filled with liquid white and solid yolk. 7 inches long.   Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Spiral Football

    Spiral Football

    Throw a long ball to win the big game with these mini foam spiral footballs. Made of a soft foam material that makes these easy to grip and great for safe play among children ages 3 and up.

  • Flashing Skip Ball

    Flashing Skip Ball

    Slip the diameter ring on your ankle and swing your leg to get the ball moving. Jump over the rope as the ball spins around. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Sewing Pencil Topper Sewing Pencil Topper

    Sewing Pencil Topper

    A DIY sewing activity to make your very own animal pen topper friend. Box includes all the materials, tools and instructions. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Freight Train

    Freight Train

    In simple, powerful words and vibrant illustrations, Donald Crews evokes the rolling wheels of that childhood favorite: a train. This Caldecott Honor Book features bright colors and bold shapes. Even a child not lucky enough to have counted freight cars...

  • Squishy Dragon

    Squishy Dragon

    Bright glittering eyes give new life to these fun slow rise squishy toys. The plastic clip make these a great backpack clip collectible.

  • Squishy Narwhal

    Squishy Narwhal

    Bright glittering eyes give new life to these fun slow rise squishy toys. The plastic clip make these a great backpack clip collectible.

  • Rubbabu Whacky Ball

    Rubbabu Whacky Ball

    Hold and bounce the Rubbabu Whacky Ball Assortment for fun sensory play. With interesting whacky shapes, velvety soft surface, and bright colors, children will love using these during play. The soft natural rubber foam material is eco-friendly. A...

  • Water Balloon Ball Water Balloon Ball

    Water Balloon Ball

    Create a splash at your next pool party with these water balloon ball. Easy to inflate and deflate for future use. Item inflates up to 12 inches. Assorted colors and styles.  

  • Mini Markers 10 count

    Mini Markers 10 count

    10 brightly colored markers for creating all kinds of colorful designs. Miniature size is perfect for packing into backpacks.

  • Monster School Bus

    Monster School Bus

    Die cast school bus with monster truck wheels and springs for suspension. Pull back and watch 'em go. Made of metal and plastic.

  • Smooshy Stress Alpaca

    Smooshy Stress Alpaca

    These cheery alpacas are the perfect anti-anxiety toy. Squeeze them to release stress or calm fidgeting hands. Filled with a powder-like dough that gives a unique texture. 4.5 inches tall. Assorted colors.

  • Stunt Ribbon Stunt Ribbon

    Stunt Ribbon

    Colorful, silky stunt ribbon for a dazzling display! Twirl your heart out and put on a show! Stick is 12 inches long with a 6 foot long ribbon made of nylon.

  • Press and Go Banana Car

    Press and Go Banana Car

    Super cute banana car with press-and-go action for endless fun and imaginative play! Press down on the monkey's head and watch it zoom!   Recommended for Ages 18 mos.+

  • Sticker Facts Sticker Facts

    Sticker Facts

    These fact-filled sticker books are bursting with bright pictures that are fun as well as educational. Each have 24 pages, along with 8 pages of stickers, which readers use to add even more color to the pages, and help them retain all the fascinating...

  • Mini Telescope

    Mini Telescope

    These pocket sized telescopes are a great way to sharpen your long range vision. Made of plastic. Assorted colors. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Punch Balls

    Rubber Punch Balls

    Balloon punch balls are 8 inches long. Each package include 12 punch balloons in assorted colors. Made of latex.

  • Tin Kaleidoscope Tin Kaleidoscope

    Tin Kaleidoscope

    Amaze your eyes with brilliant colors and patterns from our unique tin kaleidoscopes! With our classic Schylling designs, these kaleidoscopes continue to dazzle all who lay their eyes on them!

  • Hairball Kitty Hairball Kitty

    Hairball Kitty

    This Kitty has a hairball! Load your new feline friend with a soft pom pom hairball, then give them a squeeze and HACK! Their hairball shoots across the room, or at a funny friend. Perfect for endless amusement, and a great addition to any gift! Includes...

  • Shark Baby Finger Puppet

    Shark Baby Finger Puppet

    A “Bite Size” baby shark finger puppet. Super soft and stretchy TPR rubber allows puppets to make endless expressions. Baby Shark measures approximately 2″ long. Latex-free.

  • Bath Crayons Bath Crayons

    Bath Crayons

    For the budding bath time Picasso, 8 tub time markers that make taking a bath a form of artistic expression. Includes 8x retractable colored bath crayons and cleaning cloth. Use on wet tiles at bath time for creative fun. Completely non-toxic and water...