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  • CarPets Glove Puppets

    CarPets Glove Puppets

    The CarPets collection gets their name as the puppet ‘pet’ that loves to live in your car to make those long journeys pass a little quicker! Exceptional attention to detail with the highest quality materials and finishing. Designed for...

  • Baby Monsters Puppet

    Baby Monsters Puppet

    The adorable Baby Monster puppet is a delightful creation that embodies playfulness and fun. With its wide expressive eyes, shaped ears and endearing grin, this lovable monster helps spark imagination. Features an air-filled squeaker in the mouth for...

  • Baby Birds Puppet Blue & Gold Macaw

    Baby Birds Puppet Blue & Gold Macaw

    Baby birds are scaled down versions of some of the most popular birds. Great mouth movement, with an air-filled squawker in the beak! Suitable for a child and small adult sized hands.    

  • Stretchy Dino Hand Puppet

    Stretchy Dino Hand Puppet

    Make your next puppet show "roar" to life with this Tyrannosaurus Rex hand puppet. Made of stretchy material, it makes for an easy fit and has realistic details the kids will love.

  • Shark Baby Finger Puppet

    Shark Baby Finger Puppet

    A “Bite Size” baby shark finger puppet. Super soft and stretchy TPR rubber allows puppets to make endless expressions. Baby Shark measures approximately 2″ long. Latex-free.

  • I Dig It! Dragon Egg

    I Dig It! Dragon Egg

    Who hasn’t dreamed of having their very own pet dragon? This gift set includes 24 individually wrapped plaster eggs. Each of these mystical plaster eggs holds one plastic dragon figurine. Use the small chisel tool to release your dragon...

  • Baby Birds Puppet Crow

    Baby Birds Puppet Crow

    This Baby Crow puppet will make playtime fun with a big funny yellow beak and fuzzy black body! Good mouth movement, with squeaker. Will fit childrens and small adult hands. 12 inches tall  

  • Knitted Puppets

    Knitted Puppets

    Larger than life characters, full of mischief with friendly faces and big mouths. A fabulous, fun, knitted Sockette puppet with a squeaker in their tongue is sure to get the conversation started!

  • Dinosaur Hand Puppet

    Dinosaur Hand Puppet

    A menacing thump. The water ripples. The earth shakes. It’s Tyrannosaurus Rex! Make a million silly dino expressions and chomps with this super stretchy, T-Rex puppet. The stretchy rubber skin gives these dinos a life-like look and feel. One size...

  • Dragon Hand Puppet

    Dragon Hand Puppet

    In the time of legends, Dragons ruled the skies. Now you can command Dragons with your hand. Make a million dragon expressions and chomps with this super stretchy, dragon hand puppet. The stretchy flame flicks when the mouth opens. The stretchy rubber...

  • Unicorn Hand Puppet

    Unicorn Hand Puppet

    Play in an imaginary world of glittery rainbows and magical creatures. Hand puppet is one size fits most. Super stretchy and latex-free. Colors vary.

17 of 17 Items