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  • Animambo Maracas

    Animambo Maracas

    Possibly the most beautiful children's maraca, featuring eye-catching and engaging artwork designed by famous French artist Magali Attiogbe. Made of wood and the perfect size for small hands to hold, it makes a beautiful sound as you keep time with...

  • Ditty Bird First 100 Animals Ditty Bird First 100 Animals

    Ditty Bird First 100 Animals

    Your little one will discover 100 Animals with this new title! 12 categories to explore: meet 100 animals living in 12 different habitats 20 sound buttons with animal sounds, fun facts, and songs Requires 2 AAA batteries, included

  • Oh So Fun! One Kid Band Oh So Fun! One Kid Band Oh So Fun! One Kid Band

    Oh So Fun! One Kid Band

    More than just a drum, the One Kid Band includes cymbals, chimes, maracas and a percussion slide for a variety of musical sounds that can’t be beat. Little drummers can slip on the comfortable straps with adjustable buckles to march with their feet...

  • Kazoo


    Start a band or just hum along with our classic tin Kazoo. Available in red or blue; sold separately.

  • Rock and Roll It! Micro Piano Rock and Roll It! Micro Piano Rock and Roll It! Micro Piano

    Rock and Roll It! Micro Piano

    IT IS ORIGINAL: The original rock and roll it miniature piano pad with clip keychain that kids can hang on the backpack and play it anywhere. Play songs with the 12 roll up piano keys like a Pro! BRING IT ANYWHERE: The package includes a mini...

  • Rock and Roll It! Pink Piano Rock and Roll It! Pink Piano Rock and Roll It! Pink Piano

    Rock and Roll It! Pink Piano

    Foldable Piano Set: The pink electronic piano pad is portable and flexible. Easily roll out the set while playing and roll it back up into its box or your bag after you are done playing. Take it with you anywhere, even when you go outdoors for picnic or...

  • Crow Sounder

    Crow Sounder

    The caw-caw of this crow comes from the great echo in it's hollowed-out wooden tube. Use the hardwood mallet to tap it or scrape it. Includes songs and activities specific to this instrument.Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Triangle

    Triangle 5"

    Pure of tone and clear ring, this 5″ aluminum triangle has a non-detachable loop handle allowing easy playing. Detached striker included. Includes songs and playing activities.Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Animambo Jaguar Maracas

    Animambo Jaguar Maracas

    A pretty wooden maraca in the shape of an adorable jaguar made from wood and plastic. The perfect size for little hands and a great present for introducing little ones aged 12 months and over to making music. Recommended for Ages 12 mos.+

  • Calming Music Books

    Calming Music Book

    This soothing music book has five classical tunes to hear by pressing the buttons on the pages. Little children can curl up for a peaceful moment as they listen to the music and lose themselves in the charming illustrations, as each page shows a...

  • Kako’o Ukuleles Kako’o Ukuleles Kako’o Ukuleles

    KaKo*o Ukuleles

    KaKo’o Ukuleles are designed for your little ones to learn to pluck, strum, and play along to their favorite songs! They come with everything you need to learn to play in style!  From beginners to masters, we welcome all to make music...

  • Slide Whistle Slide Whistle

    Slide Whistle

    This large slide whistle makes music fun. Take each note on a musical ride as you push the slide in and pull it out! Play songs, imitate birds, make funny sounds or create unique video sound tracks, it’s limited only by your musical...

  • Harmonica


    Entertain the crowd with our 16 hole harmonica! Comes packaged in a durable cardboard box with pop up lid. 5" long

  • Ditty Bird Musical Books

    Ditty Bird Musical Books

    Read, listen, sing along as Ditty Bird sings easy to learn songs. The sound dot on every page triggers one of the six popular learning songs, sung by children. The beautiful images will hold your baby's attention even longer.

    $16.99 - $17.99
  • Hardwood Claves

    Harwood Claves

    This pair of sticks are the same length, thickness, and smoothness. And when held in each hand just right, they create a full, resonant sound that brings out the percussionist in every child. Includes songs and activities specific to this instrument...

  • Hardwood Block

    Hardwood Block

    Using the mallet to tap the wood block will create a rich, rhythmic sound. Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Pound and Tap Bench

    Pound and Tap Bench

    Pounding sends the balls tinkling over the xylophone. Pull out the keyboard and the xylophone can be played solo. Winner of the 2018 Cribsie Award - Favorite First Musical Toy Recommended for Ages 12 mos.+

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