Tender Leaf Toys

  • Birdie Tea Set Birdie Tea Set

    Birdie Tea Set

    Have afternoon tea with your friends! A romantic wooden tea set featuring a pretty bird motif on the saucers and the side of a solid wood teapot. Set includes: Round wooden tray, Tea pot with...

  • Ouch Puzzle Ouch Puzzle

    Ouch Puzzle

    12 pieces puzzle to learn about how we are made! What makes us hurt and what makes us better. Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Play Pay Pack

    Play Pay Pack

    A card reader with squishy number buttons, a slot in which to use the Tender Leaf credit card, and a top slot to place one of 5 differently illustrated receipts. A canvas purse holds a health card...

  • Pull Along Ducks

    Pull Along Ducks

    A sweet little pull along toy! A mother duck, 2 baby ducklings and 3 eggs, all interchangeable, with a detachable numbered carriage to wheel them along. Recommended for Ages 18 mos.+

  • Rainbow Tunnel Rainbow Tunnel

    Rainbow Tunnel

    Stack these tunnel pieces together to make a real rainbow! A great first puzzle for your toddler to develop their matching skills, size and color recognition. Recommended for 18 mos.+

  • Rocking Baby Birds

    Rocking Baby Birds

    Protect the precious little eggs and baby birds from falling off the nest! Challenge your toddler to stack all the birdies and eggs to on the nest! Helps to develop logic, balance, and construction...

  • Snail Whirls Snail Whirls

    Snail Whirls

    Look who is hiding in the flower garden? The Snail Whirls has a colorful snail base and 6 removable flower cogs and gears. It helps children to develop fine motor skills and cognitive development...

  • Visual Sensory Tray

    Visual Sensory Tray

    See the world in 4 different ways! This set includes 4 solid wood shapes that let you see through various windows. Presented on a shape sorter tray and the 4 pieces encourage color and shape...

  • Weather Watch Weather Watch Weather Watch

    Weather Watch

    A top-quality illustrated wood Weather station that links all aspects of climate into a simple and educational board that can be hung up on a classroom wall or played with on a tabletop. Rainfall,...

  • Wild Pines Train Set Wild Pines Train Set

    Wild Pines Train Set

    This 30 piece track allows for creative layouts and endless storytelling. We love the great outdoors and we want to encourage our children to love it too! This set teaches to respect the world and to...