House of Marbles

  • Alien Pop-Ups! Alien Pop-Ups!

    Alien Pop-Ups!

    Acrobatic aliens on springs!  Press them down, wait… wait… and up they pop!  Assorted monstrous designs and wonderful fun. Selection varies.

  • Duck Bath Book and Mitt Duck Bath Book and Mitt

    Bath Book and Mitt Duck

    Have a big bubbly buff up with a fun and friendly wash mitt and count off fingers and toes with this wonderful waterproof story book!

  • Cat’s Cradle

    Cat*s Cradle

    Cord and full instructions for this classic playground game in a gorgeous innovative envelope. Recommended for Ages 5+

  • Finger Monsters Finger Monsters Finger Monsters

    Finger Monsters

    A pocket money classic from the 70’s with lots of wobbly and stretchy bits! Great for Halloween party bags, these hilarious monster finger puppets come in an assortment of designs and colors.

  • Jacks Jacks


    Gather around for this old fashioned game. With each bounce grab a jack until all have been collected, then toss them back in the circle and start again! With each new round of play, you pick up an...

  • Little Box of Marbles

    Little Box of Marbles

    A great starter set of marbles. The little retro-inspired box contains a bag of assorted marbles, a cotton bag and leaflet with lots of marble information and games to play.

  • Marble Games

    Marble Games

    A truly gorgeous set for the collector or advanced marble player. This set contains a beautiful selection of different-sized marbles, a solid wooden archboard for shooting marbles through, a cotton...

  • Paper Rainbow Sabre

    Paper Rainbow Sabre

    Give it a flick and watch this rainbow-coloured Paper Sabre shoot out and spring back! A wonderfully simple toy that is very addictive.

  • Pick Up Sticks Pick Up Sticks

    Pick Up Sticks

    Pick-up sticks is a wonderful game that is also sometimes called Spillikins, Jerk-Straw, or Mikado. Whatever you want to call it, this is a game which has been loved by children all over the world...

  • Pinwheel


    Bright and joyful these pinwheels feature sturdy plastic spinners and wooden handles. Comes in an assortment of colors and designs.

  • Tiddlywinks Tiddlywinks


    This fabulous little set of tiddlywinks for the whole family includes a cup, winks, squidgers and a cloth bag which is perfect for playing anywhere. Approved by the English Tiddlywink Association.

  • Wind-Up Jungle Torch

    Wind-Up Jungle Torch

    Wonderful torches - flashlights, for you non-Brits - that never need new batteries. Crank the handle to recharge. Available in leopard spots or tiger stripes. Always ready for wild adventures!