Hohner Kids

  • Crow Sounder

    Crow Sounder

    The caw-caw of this crow comes from the great echo in it's hollowed-out wooden tube. Use the hardwood mallet to tap it or scrape it. Includes songs and activities specific to this instrument...

  • Hardwood Block

    Hardwood Block

    Using the mallet to tap the wood block will create a rich, rhythmic sound. Recommended for Ages 3+

  • Hardwood Claves

    Harwood Claves

    This pair of sticks are the same length, thickness, and smoothness. And when held in each hand just right, they create a full, resonant sound that brings out the percussionist in every child...

  • Triangle

    Triangle 5"

    Pure of tone and clear ring, this 5″ aluminum triangle has a non-detachable loop handle allowing easy playing. Detached striker included. Includes songs and playing activities.Recommended for...