ThinkBox 3D Space Light

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Engineer Your Own 3D Space Light with Thinkbox and spend your evenings studying the stars from the comfort of home! Get hands-on and explore the exciting world of electrical engineering and circuitry as you conduct 10 different experiments, then put your knowledge to the test and build your own stellar light-up projector! The fully illustrated instructions guide you through each and every step. Test static electricity, bend water, build a simple circuit with a buzzer, test for conductors and insulators, make an on/off switch, and more! Once built, turn off the lights and use the constellation story booklet to help you find new constellations you can then show to all your friends. This interactive STEM kit will take your engaged learner to new heights! 

Kit Includes:

25-Piece 3D Space Light, 3-Piece Wired Alligator Clips Set, 1 Buzzer, 1 Balloon, 2 Paper Fasteners, 1 Cardboard Rectangle, 1 Paper Clip, 1 Paper Square, 1 Foil Square, 1 Rubber Band, 1 Plastic Square, 1 Screwdriver, 1 Constellation Story Booklet, Easy-to-Follow Instructions

Recommended for Ages 10+