Sam & Julia Mouse Mansion Die Cut Prints

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Please welcome Sam & Julia and all their friends to Catonsville from The Mouse Mansion located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

Sam and Julia are best friends. They both live in The Mouse Mansion, each in their own little mouse house. Sam and Julia love to take you on adventures. Every day they discover new places and get to know other residents of the Mouse Masion, each with their own stories. Will you come exploring with them?

Little boxes, books, plants, and other miniature items are crafted from paper in the impressive Mouse Mansion. With these beautifully designed die-cuts, you can easily create them your own Mouse Mansion The set includes everything you need to decorate a living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, shop, and classroom. Make tiny accessories, miniature clocks, food boxes, lampshades, and even toothpaste in a 1:12 scale.

- 6 sheets for living and children's room
- 6 sheets for kitchen and shop
- 6 sheets of additional decorations, including plants, pitchers, paintings, mail, etc.