Sam & Julia Big Book of Look and Find

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Please welcome Sam & Julia and all their friends to Catonsville from The Mouse Mansion located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

Sam and Julia are best friends. They both live in The Mouse Mansion, each in their own little mouse house. Sam and Julia love to take you on adventures. Every day they discover new places and get to know other residents of the Mouse Masion, each with their own stories. Will you come exploring with them?

The Mouse Mansion was made by hand by artist Karina Schaapman. Karina wanted to create a children's book. Not with illustrations, but with photographs of scenes from a handmade 3D miniature house made for mice. She built it out of cardboard boxes and recycled materials. Room by room this world of mice became larger and more realistic. After three years of building almost fulltime the first Mouse Mansion was completed. The original mansion is two meters wide and three meters tall. That’s nearly 6 feet by 9 feet!