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Each of these kits are fast and easy to build, powered by an electric motor, and you can combine parts from different ReBotz to build your own creations.

Recommended for Ages 6+ 

ReBotz: Scootz

Robots ahoy! This crawling robot is cobbled together from two halves of an old pirate ship’s wheel, and scoots along the floor on a repurposed iron and snow ski.

+ Demonstrates cranks, cams, and motors in action

ReBotz: Pogo

Spring into action! This jumping robot is made from the tracks of an old snowmobile, a waffle iron, and some rubber bands.

+ Demonstrates cams, springs, and motors in action

ReBotz: Knox 

Knock, knock, knocking on wooden floors — this wacky walking ReBot is pieced together from a tennis racket, hammer, and the rear wheels of a tricycle.

+ Demonstrates wheels, slider cranks, and motors in action

ReBotz: Halfpipe

Ready to shred! A few clicks and Halfpipe is ready to cruise through your room on its skateboard base, using an umbrella and broom to propel itself forward. 

+ Demonstrates wheels, cams, and motors in action

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