Moluk Building Genius

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Three award-winning Moluk toys in one unique adventure! It features the Hix - three silicone rubber cones that can fold, flip, and stack endlessly - the Mox - right-side, inside-outside face-making rubber balls - and the Oibo - a set of elastic, stackable, rollable, squeezable, easy-to-grip sensory cubes.

Separate, they are each a sensory experience designed to invite open-ended exploration at varying levels of development. Together, they take play to the next level. Watch as they help your child grow, surprising you and your little one with new uses and new challenges along the way - from grasp & sense to stack & build to imagine & invent!

Meanwhile, every single part of this 9-piece set is made entirely of soft silicone - so you know it's safe for the littlest explorers, Silent for playtime anywhere and there are no sharp edges for parents to accidentally step on!